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An Orderly House

Red stoneware, coloured slip, fired raw to cone 6

I live in a small apartment in the city. I live here with my cat and some plants. My collection of artworks are on the walls and my mugs are in the cupboards. On the weekends, I make sure it is clean and tidy. I live in a small apartment in the city. 


Since the fall of 2021, I’ve lived in a small attic apartment in Ottawa, the first space I’ve had  that’s all my own. I’ve taken such joy and solace in having this sanctuary to myself. I recognize how fortunate I am to have this space in the current housing crisis, and I also realize how quickly I could lose it. I wanted to build something playful that exhibits the joy I’ve found in my small apartment, while also acknowledging the shadow of housing insecurity.


So please, build your house, but be careful! These building blocks can be fragile! And there’s a chance that things might not all be right-side up. But it’s okay, we all try our best to keep an orderly house.

An Orderly House began as an exploration into linoprinting.

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